Christmas Decorating with Children

One of the first conversations my husband and I discuss when moving into a new home is… Where will the Christmas tree go? However now with three children in tow discussions around Christmas decor are more along the lines of “how will we save the tree this year?” Posing a series of questions over atContinue reading “Christmas Decorating with Children”

Account of my Unorganised Christmas

As I have mentioned in previous posts and if you follow my escapades on my various social media accounts you will know I am an unorganised human. Unorganisation is half allowed when you are an unattached person with no responsibilities but when you become a parent it can present untold stress. Here is an updateContinue reading “Account of my Unorganised Christmas”

The Revised Terms and Conditions of Santa’s Employment

With regret the role of Santa hangs precariously in the balance. Please read the The Revised Terms and Conditions of Santa’s Employment here in accordance with the Snowflake Society… #santa #politicallycorrect #merrychristmas