Toy Review – Magic Box – Moji Pops

Christmas had came early in our house with the arrival of the Moji Pops from Magic Box. The wonderfully fun collectables are the perfect stocking fillers this year with their blind bags with over 90 Moji Pops to collect. The Moji Pops are everyday objects such as shampoo and other household objects transferred into superheros and supervillians.

The Moji Pops bring hours of fun and imaginative play on their own without the accessories and play equipment that comes with them. The Moji Pops have two sides showing a different emotion which my youngest loved and also helped with as it allowed him to talk about what emotion the facial expression was conveying and role play different scenarios. The Moji Pops proved brilliant at evoking and developing their story telling skills through play.

After opening the Moji Pops blind bags the children were eager to play with their characters. With three colourful play areas for the Moji Pops to inhabit and play in the children were hard pushed to decide what to play with first; The Moji Pops Tree House, The Moji Pops Pool Party or The Moji Pops Ferris Wheel.

The Moji Pops Pool Party came with fun sunscreen Moji Pop “Crimy” and drink Moji Pop “Flav” the children loved all of the different areas their characters had to explore in the Pool Party. With a chill out zone, pool bar and dance zone the children loved playing with the Pool Party and making up their own stories. The various accessories such as the water slide, life guard chair, inflatable pool toys and sun loungers helped further the children’s imaginations and play!

Next the children explored the Moji Pop Tree House which I feel was their personal favourite. The brightly coloured tree house came with Moji Pops Heggar and Vulfin along with more great accessories to assist their play such as pizza and popcorn for the characters to snack upon when they had their make believe pyjama party and eye masks. When the Moji Pops weren’t having their chill out time there was plenty more to do such as swing on the tree swing house, have a tree top picnic or even star gaze. They especially enjoyed the rope swing which you could wind and pull your Moji Pop up with into the different levels of the tree house!

Finally the Moji Pop Ferris Wheel sparked their imaginations, especially my daughter’s whose work this term at school has all been based around theme parks. The four – carriage Ferris Wheel not only came with an ice cream stand and prize stand but another two Moji Pops, Lony and Icy and their accessories also.

The Moji Pops are fun, brightly coloured magical toys which my children loved exploring and I know will continue to play with for a long time to come. They are already asking for more Moji Pop characters and wanting more of the Magic Box collectables from Santa in a few weeks time!

You can get your own Moji Pops at:

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